If there is effort, there is always accomplishment.
— Kano Jigoro


Our dojo is dedicated to preserving the traditions of the Masters. Our system is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tradicional, meaning we observe the protocol of the dojo from the rei to the kamiza, acknowledging the traditions introduced originally in Brazil from Japanese teachers, while embracing the evolution of the style and innovations of modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

We follow the regiment of drills with the fundamental consideration divided between throwing, ground fighting, and self defense.


The kids program strives to instill the same principles in the students as does the adult class. The students learn break falling, take downs, and ground fighting. The goal of the class is to promote a sense of accountability and the team mentality while improving discipline and self respect. Additionally, students learn the traditional protocol of the dojo and martial arts. Many children chose to compete but this is not a requirement. 

Trial Classes

If you are interested in attending classes at either location please contact us via the contact form or via our Facebook page. We'll be in touch shortly.

Crystal City, VA